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And it keeps on getting better each and every view. Caligula: Complete, Unedited, and Unrated Version (1979, Drama) Caligula is a sexy drama, star-studded movie which is the mother of uncensored cuts promoted.It features fresh personality, more definite sex, and better design.On the other hand, it’s more elegiac making it similar to a trip than an actual picture.It might not be a top choice of amusement but this version may give this deeply misunderstood film an interesting glimpse. Salt: Extended Version (2010, Action, Thriller) Salt’s an exciting unrated movie, unadulterated sampling. (1) The theatrical cut is enhanced through additions of stratagem and spirit to the fight.After being mistaken for terrorists and thrown into Guantánamo Bay, stoners Harold and Kumar escape and return to the U.

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Have you also asked if that is everything the film has to offer to a viewer like you?

Arguments rage high for they say that unrated movies most of the times are hackneyed and unoriginal.

Most of all it doesn’t meet the rules for appropriate filming.

Without such part will leave a mystery to the viewers’ minds. American Pie: Unrated (1999, Comedy) It is the most disreputable unrated movie to watch in the market.

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Due to great bulk of home video trade,this film is now responsible for the whole prevailing unrated, unmitigated trend.Though the theatrical cut is enjoyable, this extended version offers a more understandable story.