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The Interfactory Strike Committee (MKS) based in the Gdańsk shipyard eventually transformed itself into Solidarity trade union, of which she became a prominent member.By September, more than one million workers were on strike in support of the 21 demands of MKS, making it the largest strike ever.This management decision enraged the workers, who staged a strike action on 14 August, defending Anna Walentynowicz, and demanding her return.In early coverage of the Gdańsk strike by Western press, (which was permitted into the shipyard), Anna Walentynowicz is mentioned earlier than Lech Wałęsa.Europe-Asia Studies journal noted, "The case stood as an alarming example of how Solidarity's new activists were instantly ready not only to support each other in any dramatic new initiative but also to believe the worst about one of the First Wave strike leaders.

For participation in the illegal trade union she was fired from work on 7 August 1980, 5 months prior to her plan to retire.; 15 August 1929 – 10 April 2010) was a Polish free trade union activist.