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He tells how a huge (Dahlakh) army attacked his Sikhs who were only forty in number and without food.In spite of their numerical strength, the Mughal soldiers were unable to kill or capture the Guru.I don't want to see any salt from our members anymore. I will talk to him and to everyone of my membership to avoid such stupid and childish posts.If members continue with such a salty behaviour, it will result in a kick. It doesn't support my opinion and also not the opinion of my leadership. I wish you a great day, - Trivo hey members of valhalla.In the early hours of the [intervening night of 20,21, December 1704] at the rivulet Sarsa, at a distance of about 25KM from Anandpur Sahib, the Guru and his Sikhs were attacked by the Mughal army, breaking their oath of assuring safe conduct.In the confusion, which followed the attack in the cold and darkness, many Sikhs became Shaheed (martyrs).

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It doesn't support my opinion and also not the opinion of my leadership. I wish you a great day, - Trivo I am sorry to see such a post from one of my members.When the Sikh Empire was suppressed by the British colonisers after the Anglo-Sikh Wars in the mid-19th century, not only was Shastar Vidiya banned, but the blue turbans which marked out Akali Nihangs was also prohibited.It was developed by Sikhs in the 17th century when their fledgling religion was coming under attack, but it was forced underground when the British banned Sikhs from using arms after the first Anglo-Sikh War.'When my master Mohinder died later that year, I became the last Sikh warrior - now I am looking for someone to succeed me.Kachi Garhi was owned by two brothers Chaudhari Roop Chand and Jagat Singh. Guru Sahib had visited Chamkaur in 1702 while returning from Kurekshetra.

Guru Sahib and 40 Singhs moved into the house of Chaudhari Roop Chand and Jagat Singh situated on a hill. An army of around 1 Million was pursuing Guru Sahib and planning to attack the place where they were staying, and yet Guru Sahib was still blissfully continuing his daily discipline of meditation, Nitnem and Kirtan, with his Singhs.The Mughals and Ajmer Chand's league of Rajput Hill Chieftains had offered Guru Sahib a safe passage to leave Anandpur Sahib on an oath sworn on the Quran, an oath that had been signed by emperor Aurangzeb, as well as, an oath swore on the cow (which Hindus consider sacred) by the Rajput Chieftains. (You have written that) God is one and that He is witness (between us).

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