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30-Mar-2016 15:01

This has been going on for 2 days and my partner has same problem as does my best friend who just texted me.

Apparently they are doing something with servers or something I've been a member there since 2001 and in all that time, 'Buddy' the site admin/owner, hasn't changed it a bit, except maybe a little tweak here and there.

I'm currently in a paid mode because, while I'm not what many people would call a 'bear', I love the site and want to see bears have a good, somewhat descent place on the web to go. THESE assholes come to a bear site and post this shit?

That said, the site has become infested in recent years with aged muscle/club queens who post shit like "No offense guys, but not into heavy set/big guys who don't workout..." etc. And "Buddy" lets them stick around while kicking other off or denying new members because they're not 'bearish' enough, (i.e., they won't pay).

He's known to stalk around the web and if he finds someone taking issue with them, remove your profile.

It really is sad because it was the first real presence on the web for bearish guys.

So I ended up bad mouthing the site on the web page.

Bear411 became a nightmare when I was trying to change my location from NYC to Porto, Portugal.I just got a new email today said i had 5 messenger still can't check them Come on, now. I've had similar issues with both bear411 and gayroughnecks...emails saying i've got messages long after I asked to have my account deleted.I did some research on the domains and found out that the domain owner had had tons of complaints against him but the gov't has no recourse since their servers are located off-shore. They don't delete your account so their membership shows higher than it is.I felt offended by not beeing allowed a simple change such as location. TOTALLYThis is a shit site...won't let me in today with out paying. now i am reading on here i can't delete my account. does anyone know how to get a profile off of bear411 or how to contact them?

i never liked the site but liked a few guys on there. OK the whole site sucks big time there is nothing entertaining about it.Unfortunately in recent years, it's become more infested with the circuit crowd who aren't pretty circuit bois anymore and who want to pose as 'bears' because they've gained crix belly or no longer want to shave.

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