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Rather than his passing creating a void, it denotes a constantly renewable state through later Torah scholars. The persona of Moshe is said to be reincarnated into the Jewish leaders of each era. The first historical chain of Torah transmission, documented by the opening Mishnah to Pirkei Avos, began with Moshe and stretched down to the Anshei Knesses Ha Gedolah, the Men of the Great Assembly, who lived at the beginning of the Second Temple period. This lineage represents the transition from the prophetic revelation of the Written Torah (Moshe) to the grasp of the Oral Torah (Anshei Knesses Ha Gedolah). This was Haman’s fatal mistake: to think that the month of Adar – during which Moshe died – was a tragic date in Jewish history. The fact that this was on his birthday means that Moshe symbolically lives on – not through himself but through his successors. Just as Moshe survived by being “drawn from the water,” so was mankind temporarily spared the waters of the Flood in the merit of Moshe, and also for the equivalent time frame of 120 years. with only Moshe surviving by being contained within a ark.

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In the same way the ark was used to reestablish life on Earth after the Flood, Moshe was responsible for the acceptance of Torah, which would give the world its endurance.

In ascending the mountain to receive the Torah, there were three 40-day periods, namely (40 x 3 =) 120 days in total. See “39: Under Development” and “40: True to Form.” 17.