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23-Oct-2016 03:59

Miss Ferrari and Mr Farage first met a decade ago when she was a waitress and he got her a job in the European Parliament.

She is now the head of a think-tank accused of breaking rules by diverting public money to Ukip when Mr Farage was its leader.

Ukip is under investigation by the Electoral Commission watchdog for allegedly taking a total of £400,000 in dodgy donations from the think-tank and an affiliated political alliance, ahead of the General Election and the EU referendum.

Mr Farage said he was giving Miss Ferrari 'short-term help' with her accommodation because she had nowhere else to go and needed money.

These persons possess and exercise exterior jurisdiction, although with certain restrictions, and this in virtue of their office; they are therefore ordinaries.

In practice, the determination of the persons included under the term ordinary is of importance in the case of indults and the execution of rescripts issued from Rome.

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Yesterday Mr Farage was pictured getting out of his car wearing a dark green tweed jacket and a chequered shirt and briefly talking to reporters.Hours later, he was pelted with eggs by a protester while he was on the campaign trail for Ukip leader Paul Nuttall in Stoke.Meanwhile, last week in Chelsea, Ms Ferrari was photographed outside Mr Farage's home - dressed in tracksuit bottoms and putting out the bins - shortly before Mr Farage left in his chauffeur-driven Land Rover.Since the decrees of the Holy Office dated 20 February, 1888, and 20 April, 1898, indults and most of the rescripts, instead of being addressed to the bishop, are addressed to the ordinary; and it has been declared that the term ordinary comprises bishops, Apostolic administrators, vicars, prelates or prefects with separate territorial jurisdiction, and their officials or vicars-general ; and also, during the vacancy of a see, the vicar capitular or lawful administrator.

Thus the powers are handed on, without intermission or renewal, from one ordinary to his successor.

Mrs Farage told PA: 'My husband and I have lived separate lives for some years and he moved out of the family home a while ago'.