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Zookeepers take tics such as these as a sign that something's wrong.

Ten days after the male's disappearance, one female had tapered off in pacing, but the other persisted in licking until the keepers introduced challenging containers for the animals' food supply, which seemed to divert the giraffes from the fence.

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At first, Bashaw had to take the zoo's giraffe baby album into the field with her to tell the animals apart.

"Shani has a heart-shaped spot on her neck, and Chinde has an asterisk," she says.

"Giraffes just seemed to move about the plains of Africa like random molecules in your coffee cup," says Bashaw.

For the past year and a half, though, Bashaw has been putting that notion to a harder test.

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She couldn't make a fair job of looking for preferences in Atlanta, where there were so few giraffes."Unfortunately, we got a huge reaction," Bashaw says.