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2) If possible, on the first date, try going somewhere where constant conversation is not the only entertainment--go to a zoo, comedy club, or a place with a live band.That way if there is a bit of a lag in conversation, you both can fill it by watching the entertainment and it won't be awkward. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do or say – you have just landed a boring date. It’s totally fine to be honest with your date (only if they ask for a second date) and say you didn’t feel like you had a connection.If your date is boring and awkward, don’t stress yourself.

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In a similar way, bringing up your ex or asking questions about her ex is off limits on the first date.

A first date is not the microcosm of a potential relationship. It could be a stressful hurdle, or simply an enjoyable evening with good company, depending on how you choose to approach it. A few topics that could be wonderful conversation stimulants are: Speaking about your job is the safest place to start a conversation. With that in mind, don’t spend the entire date talking (or gloating, or whining) about your job.

Your endearing quirks and unique perspectives are often what will win you that second date.

Talk to your date as if she were the queen, with that much respect and that much politeness. The last thing you want after a hard day at work is to go on a date and be drilled. ” These questions are a surefire way to make your date go running in the opposite direction.

Unlike The Dude, you need to pay attention to what she’s saying. If you are nervous at the beginning, encourage your date to do the talking until you have calmed yourself down. Avoid questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years? On the first date, you should casually get to know each other, not access if she is ultimate marriage material.Two other tricks that may help: 1) If there is a lull in the conversation, excuse yourself to go to the restroom.

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