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Bodin’s first major work, the Method for the Easy Understanding of History (Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem) was published in 1566, the same year that saw the death of his father.Bodin’s most famous work, the Six Books of the Commonwealth (Six livres de la République) was published ten years later, in 1576.In 1576, Bodin lost the favor of King Henri III after he opposed, among other things, the king’s fiscal policies during the States General of Blois where Bodin served as representative for the third estate of Vermandois.

His tolerance in religious matters has often been emphasized.

The duke aspired to marry Queen Elizabeth of England.

During one of the duke’s trips to London, Bodin accompanied him.

In 1570, Bodin was commissioned by the French King Charles IX for the reformation of forest tenures in Normandy.

He was at the very heart of French political power in the 1570s – first during the reign of Charles IX and also, after Charles’ death in 1574, during the reign of his brother, Henri III.

He had moved there shortly after marrying the widow of a Laon official, Françoise Trouilliart (or Trouillard) in 1576.

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