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With an unlimited amount of swipes, the best strategy would involve not discriminating the market.This strategy encompasses swiping right or liking every picture you see and discriminating users after you have been matched.To reconcile false matches, Ok Cupid uses a margin of error which calculates the highest possible match percentage for a given number of questions answered.If user A and B answer 100 questions there is a 1% margin error.Aggregating every question is simply done by calculating √ (Q1%*Q2%*Q3 %....).This percentage is a mathematical representation of potential happiness with a given user.We hope that you will join us for a lively evening discussion of economics, game theory, and dating.With the growth of technology and automation, words like algorithm are routinely used in our vernacular.

Gone are the days of meeting someone at the park, supermarket or a bar.

While economics may help you match with more users, your social interactions are not so cut and dry.

Currently, more individuals believe online dating has become an acceptable way to meet people.

Like economics, successful dating is more likely done in a thick market.

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By definition, thick markets are ones which have a concentrated number of buyers and sellers.

Often a large number of transactions occur with a variety of products.