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Martin was the illegitimate son to a Spanish gentlemen and a freed slave from Panama, of African or possibly Native American ...Castorius is the patron saint of sculptors and his feast day is November 8th.Christopher Lane, 24, was confronted by a member of vigilante group 'Creep Catchers UK' after they spent months talking to the father-of-one online while posing as a teenager.Lane, of Caerphilly, Wales, believed he was sending graphic images of himself to 13 and 14-year-old girls, but he was really speaking to a group of adult men.Because if my kid is acting like a douchenugget and I’m not around for whatever reason, you have my permission to tell him to knock that shit off. I’m not saying you have the right to touch him in any way or yell at him uncontrollably (only I’m allowed to do that), but please feel free to tell him to stop being a jerkwad if he’s not waiting his turn to do the monkey bars. John the Apostle, the son of Zebedee and Salome, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.continue reading More Saint of the Day Saint Monica, also known as Monica of Hippo, is St.

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That's when Thyme meets the delicious Molly, takes refuge in an eerie castle, meets its master Count Dracula, gets locked in a cell, loses Molly, goes on a bender, recovers only to find Molly has become an undead bride of Dracula.

A ten minute play for two men and one (off stage) woman.