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09-Jul-2016 13:17

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Weeing just before sex is not acceptable, as it can really kill the vibe. Another rule when not to go, is while in the shower with someone else - unless it’s a fetish.

Other unacceptable times to go for a wee include smart dinners.

So perhaps having to touch the toilet seat because your partner does not return it to the agreed 'acceptable' position is actually a good thing, helping expose people to low levels of bacteria and keeping their immune system healthy." The astute among you will have already detected in those words a handy retort for the next time your other half criticises your privy protocol: all you're trying to do is protect them against bacterial infection.

Dating expert Jo Barnett sums up the problem perfectly.

To paraphrase the age-old maxim, is this not trying to have your urinal cake and eat it?

Another is in the sea, and perhaps talking at the same time as a distraction. Apparently “it happens”, and peeing a tiny bit from too much laughter is “cute”.Couples' therapists believe that, psychologically, the toilet seat problem is indicative of wider relationship issues.The UK Bathroom Blog reported that the majority (44 per cent) of domestic arguments are bathroom related, and that 48pc of those disagreements stem from men leaving the seat up.In short: everyone agrees to touch the seat once during their lavatory trip. What could represent a more equal compromise, I humbly ask?

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It's easy to dismiss the toilet seat issue as inconsequential - but sometimes a petty argument is more than just a petty argument."It is good manners," explains Barnett, "and yes, it requires effort – but that is the point.

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