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For example, in speaking of the nine divisions of the “Great Plan” by which Heaven orders reality, the text refers to the five phasal elements that are the building blocks for all real objects (does not spell out how the interdependencies of these five phases work, it only says they exist.

It is made clear, though, that if humans do not behave in the proper manner, they can disrupt the harmonious operation of these phases, illness and weakness will arise in the body, and disorder will show up in nature and the human world of history.

This article is highly selective by choosing philosophers according to two basic principles: (1) Those who are the most representative of the key contributions of China to philosophical topics worldwide, and (2) those who made substantial redirections on a fundamental question of philosophy.

Excluded are those who followed the grammar and approach from earlier thinkers, and who engaged more specifically in what might be called internecine debates and refinements.

Mozi’s arguments on this subject are gathered in the “Against Fate” chapters (35-37) of his text.

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Fundamental questions belonging to these categories show up in Chinese philosophy, just as they do in Western thought.We have already noticed in our survey of the earliest Chinese ontologies that reality (that is, “Heaven and earth”) is a constant process, but the changes are not haphazard.The Chinese term used to capture the order reality exhibits is has no mind: It is not planning or working by a design toward a goal it is trying to reach.While a study of Mozi’s (Mo Di or Master Mo) moral thought is paramount to understanding Chinese philosophy, his views on ontology, especially as they are set out in Books 8-37 and 46-49 of the that orders all things, including its relations with humanity.

To use a comparable philosophical concept from the West for Mozi would be to say that Heaven is providential.

Is reality teleological; that is, is it “purposing” or going toward an end? These are known now as the “Five Classics” (), and they became enshrined as texts in the educational system of China for hundreds of years. However, a version of it was discovered as a silk manuscript among the archaeological finds at the Mawangdui tomb site in Changsha in 1973. This defining essence is typically called “the nature” of the object.

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