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28-Jul-2016 14:41

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The main problem is one can never be too cautious on what information they are receiving nor allowing the other person to have in terms of building a relationship online.Cyber Affairs is are of the many forms of relationships that seem to be growing through social media networks.This year, I’m relieved love is back atop the dating totem pole. [Read more] Photo credit: Liftoff As Valentine’s Day is upon us, the annual dating apps report from Liftoff, shows mobile dating app usage increased by 50% at the start of ‘Cuffing...[Read more] Meet Rachel and Jason who fell in love on the Tinder mobile dating app.The dating experience comes with physical and emotional aspects but cyber dating is done through the exchange of thoughts, feelings, opinions, and attitude. The debate on whether or not relationships can develop love without physical touch or presence. Meaning, this world is filled with people of all sorts. The question is “are feelings and thoughts enough to form a realistic love despite intimacy? The answer is unclear still but many say that physical appearance is not as important as the emotional connection two individuals have with one another. Many of those people can’t get relationships in life (and not just because they simply “can’t”), so they must try elsewhere. (anonymous opinion) As a last resort for people who can’t find spouses, it’s okay, but it’s always better to seek a partner out in the real world cuz you never know…

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Online dating has been the number one method to individuals that seek interest without having to go out and find the man or woman of your dreams.In a real date scenario we find ourselves dressed to impress, where as online dating we find ourselves intellectually prepared to respond. But, you have to be careful, on who you choose to date.

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